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Our Story...

Our little company was established back in 2003 as a means to develop artistic and hobby interests into a small business with reasonable returns. We wanted a healthy balance between creativity and hard work; using free expression while dutifully contributing to our society.

At we love to make stuff that people can use and enjoy and we like people to get a fair deal. We also like people to know they are buying products that are not contributing to the degradation of our planet.

While you're here you will find things like metal etchings, signs, wood products, musical items and other artistic stuff.

Everything is Made in Canada with all products involving a fair amount of hand crafting. (Most handmade or hand crafted items by today's standards are still produced with the aid of power tools and other machines.)



We will soon begin introducing our new line of provocative t-shirts and hoodies from our very own 'Apparent Apparel' brand...  look for this logo

                                        Apparent Apparel


WARNING... you may find a few controversial things on this part of our site.  We ask that you please do not get offended or make judgement until you have had a chance to see all the items we offer.  We believe you will find our messages are reflections of all kinds of opinions and other societal idiosyncrasies and not necessarily our own. Just know that we refuse to discriminate by taking politically correct sides of some invisible line.
Regardless of the above statement some of you may still find your sensibilities are a bit delicate to grasp or agree to our general philosophy. We wish you the best in your journey of growth and self-acceptance.




We're glad you stopped in for a visit.  Although we'd like you to buy something, we will not pressure you.  If you do buy and you like, please tell everyone you can about us ! We will certainly appreciate it.  CANADIAN CREATIVE